Week One

The Great Combining

Until last year I had not managed to get a single picture printed.  So, my scrapbooking attempt began.  Which has been great.  Only problem.... with the scrapbooking taking up time blogging pretty much stopped.  So in an attempt to combine the two I have made a short video walking you through my scrapbook.  I am by no means any good at making movies but there is that button on my camera and I figure I should use it.  Here you go!  Feedback on what you think would be great.


Happy Halloween

We had tons of fun at our church Halloween party (yes, the girls help dad with his costume).


Indianapolis Children's Museum

We had a great day at the Indianapolis Children's Museum. The girls got to play, have tons of fun and do a hundred different activities. It was also a chance to try out our new camera. So here are some of the rarest photos of the girls: front of their face + smiling + in focus (Dad is still learning). Click on the pictures to download the gorgeous high-res images.

Sarah happy to be chillin' in her stroller.

Katie poking her head out a tree house. She loved climbing up and down and throughout this tree house.

Sarah appears to think life is tough even when you have people to carry you everywhere.

Katie crawling out of a mountain slide.

Sarah sliding down an alien spaceship slide.

Katie loved playing in a toy fishing pond. She was pretty good at catching fish.


My new baby!

She is beautiful, very well behaved and puts the biggest smile on my face! I am so excited to see the pictures I can take. Most of you may not know but I love photography and am excited to learn some new techniques.


Katie Preparing for Dance Recital

Katie loves her dance class. Here she practicing the first few moves for her dance recital. You may need to turn your volume up to here the music: "Shake your groove thing" by Alvin and the Chipmunks. (Sarah is also trying to dance in the background.)